About Eco-Friendly Display

Sustainable development and net-zero carbon emission are the common goals of the whole world. HannStar develops a new product, Eco-Friendly Display, to echo our pursuit of protecting the planet.

"The Eco-Friendly Display is designed to improve picture clarity and visibility when used outdoors, even under direct sunlight. It also achieves a natural color reproduction and dynamic display. In contrast to conventional displays, the Eco-Friendly Display can save up to 80% of device power by utilizing ambient light and a specially developed ultra-low power consumption IC. Additionally, this display provides a paper-like reading and writing experience, enhancing user satisfaction while reducing eye strain."

Eco-Friendly Display” is more energy-efficient than regular displays in terms of product design, and is also committed to reducing product carbon footprints for achieving sustainability in terms of materials, manufacturing processes, and logistics packaging materials. Make your products greener with Eco-Friendly Display for a better future.

With climate change and sustainability on everyone’s mind, society is interested in an ultra-low-power solution, HANNspree Eco-Friendly Display is that solution. 

HANNspree offers a variety of sizes from 1.54 inch up to 21.5 inch, which can be used to various application fields, such as Smart City and Transportation (Outdoor Signage), Smart Retail, Healthcare and Fitness, Smart Vending, Smart Education, Smart Building. It is the perfect display for all smart devices.

Benefits of HANNspree Eco-Friendly Display Solutions

  • Ultra-Low power consumption
  • Sunlight readable, Anti-Glare
  • Eco-friendly
  • Variety of color: up to 16.7M full color coverage
  • Available in various sizes and resolutions
  • Wide range of operating temperature (-30°C ~ +85°C)
  • Eye Care: reduce eye hazard
  • Paper and painting-like quality
  • Fast response time / Refresh Rate: updates in milliseconds
  • Adopt HannStar technology
  • Green products, energy saving
  • Optional P-cap touch solutions
  • Optional Front / Back light module


Eco-Friendly Display and A Sustainable Supply Chain

Green Suppliers

Recycle & Green Logistics

  • Major suppliers are regulated with the 'Supplier Management and Appraisal Measure.' 

  • Green product management(GPM) system

  • Establishes a baseline measurement, associated sustainability goals and KPIs. 

  • Recycled and Reused Waste reached 90.51%

  • Local procurement reached 83%
    Reduce environmental impact
  • 100% Recycled Packaging
    Eliminate EPE cushioning materials
  • 25% Reduction in Packaging
    Upgrade pallet racking and storage

Green & Healthy Design

Integrating Sustainability

  • Ultra-Low-Power Consumption Driving Technology
  • Eye Care Technology
    Remove Blue Light to reduce eye hazard
  • Quasi-Static Low Freq. Refresh Technology
    Efficient frequency of operation
  • Green products, energy saving
  • Low-carbon Manufacturing
  • Constructing a low-carbon supply chain, incorporating carbon reduction indicators into supplier evaluation criteria.

  • Collaborating with suppliers to establish sustainability indicators and jointly create low-carbon, green, and sustainable value.