HANNspree makes noise again in the Spanish market

The manufacturer of monitors and tablets is currently betting on a channel of national wholesalers

The manufacturer of monitors and tablets, HANNspree, which belongs to the Taiwanese corporation HannStar Display, is once again betting decisively on the Spanish market. At least in terms of communication. “HANNspree’s activity in Spain has remained firm in recent years, but now we are strengthening our communication with the aim of making the brand known and establishing it among its target audience,” stresses Almudena Bayón, local sales manager.

On a commercial level, HANNspree has been favoured since the outbreak of the pandemic by the emergence of sales of monitors for teleworking, distance education or digital entertainment at home. In addition, Bayón, who relies on HANNspree’s European sales center and administrative team to carry out his work, comments that the interest in panels and tablets is increasing in companies, “both to make their operations more efficient, and to build better shopping experiences for the user.”

The sales manager, who does not provide information on the evolution of her company’s sales in Spain, emphasizes that the main characteristic of the HANNspree product is its versatility, being able to fit in domestic and professional environments, especially in the retail field.

HANNspree has also benefited from the accelerated digitization process that retail trade in Spain has had to address due to Covid-19. “Retailers are betting with great determination for the digitization of their stores and urge the customer to be served by screens to streamline processes, facilitate orders with greater customization options and, ultimately, improve the consumer experience.”

The wholesale channel

At the moment, HANNspree articulates its distribution channel around four wholesalers with national capital: Aseuropa, Desyman, DMI and Infortisa. Bayón justifies this commitment to this type of company, and not by signing contracts for the Spanish market with large multinational wholesalers such as Ingram Micro or Tech Data. Although it does not close doors to anyone in the medium term.

“In this period of branding and reintroducing the brand, we have decided that the main thing is to strengthen the relationship with our traditional partners and work on a strong foundation that allows growth. From here, and according to the needs we have in future projects, such as retail or specialization in gaming channels, vending, automation or another specialized sector, we will add names to the list.”

The differential value that HANNspree has for a technology reseller in Spain is, according to Bayón, “the flexibility and speed of response” of a medium-sized supplier. Benefits that are more difficult to see, in his opinion, in “companies of larger structures.” Also, as strong points, Bayón refers to “the possibility of customizing the product” and the availability of an open-frame line (monitors without frames and housings that serve to be embedded in industrial and commercial places), something only offered by some brands in the distribution channel.