Features Introduction

Readable Under Sunlight

A conventional display uses a backlight to show images, but it can be difficult to see clearly in direct sunlight. In contrast, Eco-Friendly Display utilizes ambient light , and creates a visible image. This technology makes the display highly readable even for outdoor applications and increases clarity, especially when exposed to strong sunlight, such as bus stop sign, digital signage and other devices used in sunny environments.  

Ultra Low Power Consumption to 80%

Conventional displays require a constant and often relatively high amount of energy to maintain brightness, which consumes more energy in low-light environments. By fully utilizing ambient light, Eco-Friendly Display can adjust to different brightness levels, resulting in increased energy efficiency and reduced power consumption. This innovation not only benefits the user by extending the device's battery life but also contributes to a more sustainable future. By embracing this technology, we can move towards a future of low-carbon energy and reduce carbon emissions. It makes a product environmentally friendly.

Variety Color

Traditionally, color representation in displays has been limited by the constraints of technology and human perception. However, the Natural Color System breaks free from these limitations by harmonizing color reproduction with the intricate sensitivities of human vision. This results in a display that not only showcases a diverse range of colors but also does so in a way that feels familiar and soothing to the eyes. Eco-Friendly Display is built upon Natural Color System. Delivering various colors include 2、4、8、64、256、65K、16.7M.

STP Paper-like Technology

Eco-Friendly Display is designed with STP (Soft Texture Paper) technology to achieve paper-like properties: coefficient of static friction >0.3fs, and haze >30% for low reflectance to reproduce authentic paper touch. Reflected Image Quality (RIQ) is a metric used to assess the reflection of ambient light on an object's surface. Unlike conventional displays with higher reflectance that can cause distorted images, Eco-Friendly Display (RIQ value<5) provides a visual experience that closely resembles paper itself and offers a more natural and comfortable viewing experience. It might reduce eye strain, as it may produce less harsh light and glare compared to conventional display. This could be especially beneficial for reading or extended viewing sessions.

CNP Painting-like Technology

Eco-Friendly Display features Crystal Nano Pixel Technology to create reflection coefficient <1% for authentic brush feel. It reduces ambient light interruption more effectively than the conventional display does. It precisely shows high contrast and high saturation and create elevated effect as in oil painting. This could involve enhanced color blending, depth, and texture, contributing to a more visually pleasing experience.

Wide Temperature Range

Eco-Friendly Display is designed with wide temperature range technology and can maintain normal performance under extreme weather (-30°C ~ 85°C). It is suitable for outdoor devices, such as industrial control, vehicle, smart signs, EV charging stations, parking systems, smart bus timetable, digital signboards and many more.

Fast Response Time

Fast response time can support flashing highlight function and dynamic information display. Fewer ms results in smoother transitions. It will have no extra power consumption either under flashing highlight function or advertisement function.

E-paper Eco-Friendly Display

Eye Care

Backlight is the major source of hazardous blue light, and Eco-Friendly Display remove backlight (Blue Light) to reduce eye hazard.