Smart City

The Quasi-Static Low Frequency Refresh technology and Argentum Birefringence technology of Eco-Friendly Paper Display help satisfy the needs of smart city devices by extending battery life. The ambient contrast ratio, which can achieve up to 30:1, provides clear visibility outdoors. By offering a full range of sizes for final products, it contributes to creating an environmentally friendly and energy-saving smart city.

Smart Retail

The Quasi-Static Low Frequency Refresh technology of Eco-Friendly Paper Display helps reduce power consumption to the uW level, greatly extending battery life. Eco-Friendly Paper Display can replace paper labels and advertising paper, providing real-time updated product information and precise marketing, reducing labor costs, and enabling personalization. This contributes to entering the era of paperless smart retail.

Smart Edutainment

The low blue light and eye care design reduces eye fatigue and damage caused by long periods of studying. The power consumption rate can achieve a uW level, making the product more power-saving, thinner, and lighter, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. The response time can be as fast as 5ms, allowing for video playback without afterimages and enriching teaching materials. Additionally, with paper-like and painting-like technologies added on, the product can restore paper-like strokes and visual effects, creating a green and healthy educational environment.

Smart HealthCare

To meet the design requirements of leisure sports devices such as outdoor visibility and power-saving, the Argentum Birefringence technology of Eco-Friendly Paper Display has been applied to provide clear and visible health information even under the sun. There is no need to turn on the light source during the day, saving up to 80% of power consumption and achieving energy savings. Additionally, the Quasi-Static Low Frequency Refresh technology of Eco-Friendly Paper Display meets the long battery requirements for telemedicine, home medical, and other applications, creating a smart healthcare future.

Smart Manufacture

To meet the design needs of IIoT devices such as power-saving and operation in extreme environments, Eco-Friendly Paper Display can save up to 80% of power consumption, not only reducing energy consumption but also extending the service life of devices. It also makes the material lighter in weight and reduces the carbon footprint. With the wide temperature range (-30°C~85°C), it can overcome the extreme temperature environments of smart factories, maintaining reliable and perfect display performance and building an energy-saving green factory.