The new frontier of vending

Website: https://www.fas.it/
Headquarters: Schio (VI)
Country: Italy
Region: EMEA
Sector: Vending Machines
HANNspree products: HANNspree Android Touch Displays 7", 10.1" and 13.3" with IPS display and resolution up to Full HD 1920x1080; Glass + glass touch panel, Android system.
• 21.5" Full HD Open Frame Touch Monitor with P-Cap Technology and Metal Frame
• Hannspree Android Box with built-in Wi-Fi


The HANNspree Android Touch Displays, dedicated products integrating the Android operating system with displays featuring high-resolutions and multi-touch P-Cap technology, and varying in size, from 7" to 13.3" inches, proved to be ideal for replacing the product selection keyboard and the front panels in the various vending machines dedicated to snacks & food, hot & cold (coffee and drinks), Etc.

FAS INTERNATIONAL has been a manufacturer of vending machines since 1967. In over 50 years of activity, the Company has always been synonymous with excellence, variety of product that meets the needs of the customer, and with the added ability to implement innovative technologies. This strategy has led FAS to great growth in terms of turnover, structural size and number of customers.

FAS operates in the Italian and international market through direct or indirect sales networks. The FAS product range includes the following types of vending machines: snack & food, hot & cold (coffee and hot drinks), automatic solutions for the catering sector and bottle and can compaction system.

In 2017, FAS updated its range by introducing to market vending machines integrated with tablets, and from that year onwards there was a transition from keyboard to touch models.

Starting from 2019 all coffee machines have been proposed with touch screen, while from 2022 the range of snack machines has also been proposed entirely in the version with touch screen.

At the same time FAS launches FAS CLOUD +, the innovative service that allows remote control of all the parameters and settings of a machine, thus bringing the sector towards an increasingly digital future.

The Hot and Cold lines of FAS are equipped with touch screen technology that allows simple and intuitive control of the machines for both the end user and the technician. This is facilitated by the iconographic menu during programming and the ability to connect to a network via Wi-Fi or via internet dongle key.

This new technology has simplified interactivity and consequently the technical service, the sale of the product, the management of the user interface and the updating of the FW version, as well as increasing the information presented to the end user (for example product info and digital advertising).

This technology simplifies device-user interaction with product information, multimedia applications, and digital advertising.



Customer's quote

HANNspree touchscreen panels have been chosen as valid alternatives to industrial panels on the market.

HANNspree has guaranteed us the necessary functionality for the type of application and the availability of different formats; it also has an undoubted competitive advantage over market competitors, with quality products.



  • Produce industrial-scale vending machines with modern touch screen systems with advanced options and customized solutions.
  • Improve the user interface with easy and intuitive systems by reducing maintenance and optimizing service.
  • Facilitate the configuration and updating of machines.


What solutions has HANNspree provided to help FAS achieve its goals?

  • The high-resolution IPS panels which have been reinforced with hard glass (Glass+Glass) offers the best protection.
  • Reinforced LED backlight ensures long service life.
  • No battery is installed to improve efficiency.
  • Different inputs, such as the USB HUB, allow remote control and switching on of devices installed in vending machines.
  • Custom firmware (My-Touch APK) allows intuitive operation of the device.
  • The main maintenance and assistance operations can be supervised and updated remotely.
  • Maintenance and service costs are significantly reduced.
  • The technology used allows a wide viewing angle and sharpness in image reproduction.
  • Possibility to view slideshows or promotional videos both in the stand-by screen and during the delivery phase.
  • The icon-oriented programming simplifies the use of the machine, making everything extremely intuitive.
  • Thanks to touch technology, it is possible to intuitively customize every single recipe, increasing or decreasing the various ingredients that compose it. It is also possible to give life to completely new recipes depending on the requirements.