Improved operating efficiency & a redefined user interface

FAS INTERNATIONAL is a vending machine producer since 1967. In 50 years of activity, the Company has always been synonymous for excellence, product variety that satisfies the customer needs and with the added ability of implement innovative technologies. This strategy has brought great growth to FAS in terms of sales turnover, structural dimension and number of customers.

FAS operates in both Italian and International markets via direct or indirect sales networks.

FAS’ product variety includes the following vending machines types: snack & food, hot & cold (coffee and hot drinks), automatic solutions for the refreshment sector and bottles & cans compressing system.


In just 6 months customized Hannspree products have successfully passed all homologation tests in order to proceed with wholesale production

In order to satisfy the market needs in terms of functionality with intuitive systems we must continuously develop our technology, FAS is one of the first Companies who in 2008 started to research and implement new technologies in the vending machines industry.

Special attention is paid to improve systems interaction and hardware management but also how to protect the environment and low power consumption.

With the evolution of display technology, which started with PC solutions and Monitors, FAS is now focused on the use of Touch Displays and Tablet PC’s both combined with Android OS.

This new technology has simplified the interaction and remote controls, allowing real time efficiency status, service maintenance, product selling or modifying user interface and updating FW version have become not only possible but even easier.

This technology simplifies the interaction between the device and user thanks to product information, multimedia applications and digital advertisement.

“We are now able to produce innovative products with stunning
user interface on an industrial scale.”

Product Details

  • Hannspree Tablet PC 7” & 13.3” with IPS display and 1024×600 resolution; Glass+Glass Touch Panel, Android System
  • Hannspree HANNS-G Monitor Touch 21.5” Full HD with 7H surface hardness
  • Hannspree Android Box with integrated WiFi


  • To get systems on an industrial scale with modern touch screen system with advanced options and customised solutions.
  • To improve user interface with easy and intuitive systems & reduce + optimize maintenance and service assistance
  • To facilitate the configuration and upgrade of products

Why Hannspree?

HANNspree touchscreen panels have been chosen as valid alternatives to industrial panels on the market.

HANNspree has guaranteed us the functionality necessary for the type of application and the availability of different formats; also has an undoubted competitive advantage over market competitors, with quality products that are more affordable.

What solutions did Hannspree provide to help FAS reach its goals?

  • IPS panels with high resolution have been strengthen by hard glass (Glass+Glass) offering the best protection.
  • Reinforced LED backlight in order to ensure long durability
  • No battery is installed in Tablet PC versions to improve efficiency
  • Several inputs, such as USB hub, allow remote control and power on of the installed devices in the vending machines
  • Customised FW (My- Touch APK) allows an intuitive device running
  • Main maintenance and service operations can be remotely supervised and updated
  • Maintenance and service costs are considerably reduced