Height Adjustable Desktop Workstation

Height Adjustable Desktop Workstation

Convert your workspace into a flexible, active work area

Stand while you work!

Why? The modern sedentary lifestyle has affected our posture and our overall health in negative ways. We sit at work, then come home and sit more. Using our height adjustable standing desktop workstation is the perfect solution to alleviate issues stemming from too much time in the chair.

The desktop workstation goes up and down easily utilizing the pneumatic gas springs system, this offers smooth and easy height adjustment as the squeeze of a handle (range 140 ~ 500 mm).

SKU: 80-PR000002G000

CATEGORY: Monitors

TAG: Monitors

  • Height Adjustable Range: 14 ~ 50 cm
  • Gas Spring System
  • Dual X structure to ensure extra stability
  • Work Surface Size: 890 x 590 mm
  • Keyboard Tray Size: 867 x 322 mm
  • Work Surface Load Capacity: 15 kg
  • Keyboard Tray Load Capacity: 2 kg
  • Quick-release removable keyboard tray