2.4’’ Hookphone Awarded in 2023 iF Design

We are thrilled to announce that our 2.4-inch Hookphone has been awarded the prestigious 2023 iF Design Award!
This award recognizes the outstanding design and innovative features of our Hookphone, which was specifically created for outdoor enthusiasts to ensure their safety while exploring the wilderness. The Hookphone serves as a reliable backup in case your primary phone breaks or runs out of battery, making it an essential tool for any adventure.

Its hook design allows users to easily attach it to their backpacks or waist belts for quick and convenient access, so you can stay connected even in the most remote areas.

But the Hookphone isn't just about communication – it also features GPS and mobile communication capabilities, which means users can transmit their location in case of an emergency and receive prompt assistance. And to ensure that users stay healthy and safe during their adventures, the Hookphone comes with heart rate, body temperature, and blood oxygen sensors, allowing them to monitor their health and have a more secure experience.

We are incredibly proud of the Hookphone and its award-winning design.
The Hookphone today and enjoy a safer and more enjoyable outdoor adventure!

Check out our award-winning product on the iF Design website!