Talking channel expectations, high consumer demand and manufacturing expertise, HANNspree’s UK Manager, Martin Kent explains why it is focussing on delivering considered gaming display solutions  

Best known for dominance in the touch screen display market, why has HANNspree chosen to enter the gaming arena?

Our more recent business strategies have seen HANNspree become a force in various business display markets, but our roots lay in consumer design and fulfilment. HANNspree first made waves by boldly setting sights on the consumer electronics segment. With a unique vision to inject fashionable design into technology, HANNspree shook up the industry which was mostly associated with mass-production and lead a design-centric revolution. Back in 2006, HANNspree penetrated the competitive desktop display market with such vigour, we gained significant market share in a very short space of time and have since expanded at a rapid rate. This is thanks to our continuous dedication to delivering products that are relevant and appealing. Our new gaming solutions are a reaction to the sharp increase in gaming market growth, which has seen the gaming industry become the most lucrative entertainment sector in the UK. 

How does HANNspree plan to serve the gaming market?

HANNspree is utilising production capabilities and industry expertise to deliver a full range of researched gaming displays with varying specs and sizes to satisfy the needs of the mainstream gaming sector. Furthermore, HANNspree is already in a very strong position to serve the mobile gaming market. Our niche, large screen Tablet PC solutions have been specially designed to deliver users a better view of their favourite applications while ensuring they still have the freedom to roam. Larger than average, our 13.3” Zeus and the new Zeus 2 Tablet PCs enable users to see more, and for gamers, this makes their gameplay more immersive. HANNspree Tablets also boast our advanced touch screen technology so we offer fast, accurate screen interaction, and reliable touch control for an uninterrupted gaming experience. In fact, the demand for large screen mobile computing will also see HANNspree introduce a new 15.6” Tablet PC. Mobile is now the biggest gaming platform, and with games sales at a record high, the mobile device market promises consistent growth and HANNspree has considered this when strategizing long-term production. 

What does HANNspree bring to the gaming channel?

HANNspree is fortunate to be part the HANNstar group which also includes HANNStouch, one of the largest touch screen manufacturers in the world. We are able to capitalise on its production strengths and advanced engineering capabilities, and progressively divert our production to satisfy new vertical markets, with lucrative results. We offer speedy reactions to changeable markets and can tap into the economies of scale enjoyed by HANNstar to ensure price competitiveness, which converts into healthy margins for partners. 


Does HANNspree have a channel in place for gaming displays?

The UK is the sixth largest gaming market worldwide, as such, the e-tail gaming channel in the UK is very mature and extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to the specialist needs of the gaming market. HANNspree has long standing relationships with many of the top players in the channel and pride ourselves on our channel relations so are confident that we have the right partners to support us to market.


Is gaming part of HANNspree’s long-term strategy? Are there any other sectors that HANNspree is focussing on?

The new HANNSpree gaming solutions are part of HANNspree’s wider strategy to expand and diversify. We have an impeccable track record for successfully penetrating markets, for example, our aggressive move into the touch screen sector over the past few years has seen us recognised as a dominant provider of display solutions for applications such as education, digital signage, kiosk and info points, gaming and video machines. As such, we are positive about our longevity in the gaming arena.

Our interests concentrate on the vertical sectors of touch panel tech. HANNspree has become a leading supplier of limited solutions for project and tender business, and we are now also nurturing opportunities for HANNspree in hardware integration. We are already creating fully embedded solutions, which are being utilised for a number of large scale projects. We will continue to grow our presence in this sector.