HANNspree Launches the New 27inch HD Display with Built-in WebCam

Business or pleasure, the new 27” all-in-one video conferencing display is crafted to add convenient virtual communication to the everyday PC display. 

In addition to video conferencing hardware on-board, the new HP278WJB, and indeed the HP248WJB by HANNspree, boast high-grade visuals to ensure video is streamed with precision and the most demanding of high-definition content is displayed true. Furthermore, HANNspree’s active contrast technology delivering high contrast ratios ensures picture excellence, while ultra-wide viewing angles mean that multiple users can enjoy screen time together without picture distortion, ideal for group conferencing and presentation. HANNspree also includes pre-set picture modes for various applications which are quick to select and switch between, to easily achieve picture perfection.


The HP278WJB features an ultra-narrow bezel design. The sleek edge-to-edge frameless bezel not only offers a more comfortable viewing experience without distraction and maximum display size, but it also reduces the overall size of the display to save space and lends itself perfectly to creating an almost seamless multi-monitor setup. 


The new monitor from HANNspree also features an ergonomic, multi-functional stand which can height adjust, swivel, tilt and pivot 90° to switch orientation. Adjusting screen position is ideal to achieve perfect personal comfort and reduce the strains that the body can endure from long periods at a desk, especially in public environments where displays are often used by multiple users. The HP278WJB is also VESA compliant so can be wall mounted to better suit modern surroundings or simply save desk space.


Connectivity with the HP278WJB is extensive. Advanced digital and analogue interfaces, including DP, HDMI and D-SUB, provide seamless connectivity with PC and AV equipment. There is also a USB 3.0 Hub on-board which extends connectivity to the multitude of play-and-play USB storage devices, peripherals and accessories available today.



About HANNspree


HANNspree is a global consumer electronics manufacturer specialising in visual display technology. It is part of the HannStar Display Corporation headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, one of the largest glass panel manufacturers in the world, consequently HANNspree benefits from a rich heritage and world-class technological prowess in AV technology.

HannStar created the HANNspree brand in 2006 to deliver a new, exciting portfolio of products featuring extremely innovative design and the latest display technologies, aimed at the high-end consumer electronics market. Today, HANNspree offers a portfolio of Tablet PCs, Monitors and Multi-Touch Displays with advanced technologies and displays produced by HannsTouch – a subsidiary of HannStar – one of the largest touch screen manufacturers in the world.

The important worldwide technological heritage and the different synergies of the Group in the hi-tech business have made it possible for HANNspree to achieve a leading position in the global display market, delivering a comprehensive range of carefully crafted monitors to suit even the most specific requirements. HANNspree’s manufacturing capabilities enables them to offer bespoke display and touch solutions for business applications and hardware integration. The capacity and production flexibility of HANNspree, combined with the commercial and business one, has also allowed it to obtain important approvals at European level, with customized open frame touch display solutions for vertical projects such as automation systems and vending, as well as info-points and information kiosks in retail environments.

To explore the entire HANNspree portfolio visit: www.HANNspree.eu