HANNspree touchscreen displays streamline the sales process of Image Insight’s instant souvenir solutions

Company: Image Insight
Website: www.imageinsight.com
Headquarters: Insight House, Waltham Business Park, Brickyard Road, Swanmore, Southampton. SO32 2SA.
Country: UK
Sector: Instant Photo Solutions
HANNspree products: HT248PPB 23.8” touchscreen display


The company:

Image Insight is a leading force in Europe’s instant photo operations, providing instant souvenir solutions to theme parks and visitor attractions for over a decade and a parent company that has over 30 years of experience in instant printing. The company boasts partnerships with the world’s leading brands, seeing their product enjoyed by visitors to major football clubs, theme parks, Christmas experiences, cruise ships, aquariums, music festivals, water parks and even the London 2012 Olympics. Image insight provides their clients with the ‘whole’ solution featuring a proprietary software (“VEGA”). Each installation is considerately tailored to the client’s needs based on a proven framework designed to successfully capture, manage and sell visitor images.

The Image Insight solution works in three steps. Firstly, the photo is taken, whether this is during the experience or more commonly at the entrance. Image Insight’s proprietary VEGA software then manipulates the images, adding gaming scores, venue overlays or changeable green screen backgrounds. The last step is the consumer sale. Image Insight ensures ‘image to guest’ association making this last step streamline and accessible for the consumer.

The challenge:

Up until the last 12 months, Image Insight has provided clients with all-in-one consumer hardware solutions. Consumer technology has a short shelf life, so as client systems grew, and new sales stations were added in, Image Insight found they were managing various different equipment. This was especially problematic for clients that had multiple sales stations and consistency was key. The consumer nature of the equipment used also meant that large stock holding was necessary in order for Image Insight to respond efficiently when equipment failure occurred and provide the high level of support that it prides itself on. Support for these “retail” solutions wasn’t ideal when the equipment needed servicing or repair, and spares were difficult to obtain.

The solution:

Image Insight now uses a standalone touchscreen monitor coupled with small form factor PCs to create client solutions, having found that the industrial specification of this hardware is much more reliable, ensuring a longer life product that also reduces total cost of ownership.

Using touchscreen displays in retail kiosks enables staff to perform a sale much quicker, streamlining navigation of the software with simple, seamless touch control.

HANNspree collaboration:

With quality in mind, it was essential for Image Insight to choose a product that performed well and was backed by a brand they could trust. Tested against other brands’ products, the HT248PPB performed head and shoulders over the competition, delivering a far more attractive price/performance ratio. The HT248PPB also offered a design that was most conducive with the Image Insight application.

HANNspree touch screens have now been featured in the Image Insight instant souvenir solution at many attraction sites, most recently, they have been deployed for the following projects:

Lego Discovery Centre, Scheveningen 
Army of the Dead, London
Saint Michaels Cave, Gibraltar
Silverstone Museum 

Client quote:

Stuart Morley, Managing Director, Image Insight: “The hardware we select bears a direct reflection on the quality of our solution, so our priority is to work with partners that fill us with confidence. We have long associated the HANNspree brand with quality, which our product trials affirmed. The visual and touchscreen performance of the HT248PPB is exceptional so we know that our clients’ solutions will deliver their visitors a high quality user experience, and by doing so, will support an uninterrupted flow of sales. Our solutions are our reputation so it is also refreshing to know we are being supported by a UK based team that can offer fast and knowledgeable support when needed. Based on the success of the current HANNspree products we use, we are looking to include other HANNspree products in our self-service and hybrid photo solutions”