CATEGORY: Open Frame Touch Series

TAG: Open Frame Touch Series

  • 1280 x 800 Resolution
  • 10-Point Touch P-Cap Technology
  • 170° / 170° Ultra Wide Viewing Angle
  • Dual Input: HDMI + VGA
  • IP54 (front) Rating Level
  • 12 Volt External Power Supply
  • ≥7H Toughened Hard Panel Surface
  • Glass Protection 2mm
  • Touch-Through Glass (available upon request*)
  • Sturdy Metal Case
  • Orientation: Landscape, Portrait, Face-Up





Touch-Through Glass

We are pleased to share the latest product update to our HO Series - Open Frame PCAP touch displays: support for “touch-through glass” capability.Touch-through glass enables touch interactivity directly through an additional glass cover (no air gap and glass up to 6mm thick). Ideal for new emerging applications, including interactive display storefront windows, real estate office displays and in-store and restaurant POS and essential when applications demand environmentally sealed & secured enclosures.The touch-through glass capability is implemented by a firmware upgrade, no hardware alterations are involved. For more details contact your local HSP office / representative or send us a request via the product inquiry form.This new feature applies to the following models: HO101HTB, HO161HTB, HO165PTB, HO225DTB, HO225HTB, HO320HTB, HO430HTB.