HX 194 HPB

HX 194 HPB

19” SQUARE MONITOR: DESIGNED FOR OFFICE APPLICATIONS…MAKE WORK MORE EFFICIENT The HANNspree HX194HPB is a 19’’ 5:4 LCD Monitor designed for office use. This monitor offers best-in-class performance with dual input interface including HDMI and VGA to deliver flexible connectivity options. The HX194HPB boast an amazing 1280 x 1024 resolution with 5:4 aspect ratio, 5 msec response time and built-in speakers.


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  • 19” Square Monitor 5:4
  • Aspect Ratio 1280 x 1024 SXGA
  • Resolution 178° / 178° Wide Viewing
  • Angle 10,000,000:1 Active Contrast
  • Dual Input HDMI + VGA
  • Built-in Speakers
  • ECO Friendly
  • Multi-Video Modes Tilt and Wall-Mountable (VESA)
  • External Power Adaptor Low Blue Light Mode Flicker-Free



19” Square monitor: Designed for office applications... Make work more efficient.

While modern monitors are mostly in 16:9 aspect ratio, we understand that there are still several applications look right on older “squarish” 5:4 screens; with this is mind we are still offering such models available for your choice. The HX194HPB is not only bringing great visual performance to your workstation and house but also an essential part of your solutions to minimize the total cost of ownership and maximize staff productivity – a win-win decision for the benefits of all. The HANNspree HX194HPB boasts an amazing 1280 x 1024 resolution with 5:4 aspect ratio, 5 msec response time, dual input interface including HDMI and VGA to deliver flexible connectivity options. It also hosts built-in speakers for convenient audio for multimedia applications.

Digital & Analog inputs

The HANNspree HX194HPB features a host of connectivity options that include both HDMI and D-Sub VGA 15-pin inputs, you can quickly switch between the inputs via the front panel buttons.





VESA Wall mounting kit

The HX194HPB complies with the VESA standard 75x75mm, it means that you can easily mount the display to any VESA mounting kit

Speakers & Headphones

The HX194HPB is equipped with two high-quality speakers. Built-in speakers make it easy to catch up with family, friends and colleagues. For movies, music, games and more, you’ll enjoy quality audio without the hassle of connecting external speakers.





Low Blue Light mode

In our technology-driven world, we can spend hours each day looking at LED-backlit screens. Continued exposure to short-wavelength blue light may cause eye strain, sleep disorders or headaches. The Low Blue Light mode used on the HX194HPB puts the user first by providing a safer and healthier workplace. Now you can protect your eyes today, so they’ll thank you in the future.

Flicker-Free technology

The HANNspree HX194HPB features Flicker-Free Technology that uses a smooth backlight system to prevent monitor flickering so that you can continuously enjoy a comfortable viewing experience.

This technology eliminates flickering at all brightness levels and reduces eye fatigue and other damaging effects to your eyes; an especially valuable feature when spending countless hours in front of the display working overtime, gaming for long hours or watching movies.

Most LCD Monitors use PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to control brightness; the pulsing creates flicker that may cause discomfort, headaches and eye strain, especially in low-light environments. Flicker-Free Technology uses a smooth DC (Direct Current) backlight system